Learning is a core factor at Final Peak Events. From onboarding and training to ongoing professional development, we strive to provide our people with avenues to continually grow in skills and mind-sets. We encourage them to seek their own opportunities to learn as well. Here are three paths that even busiest people can follow to gain more knowledge:

  • Use Commute Time: During our Final Peak Events meetings, we often discuss how to optimize our time to accomplish more in a day. One practice is to use commute time more efficiently. This can mean on-the-go training such as listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or reading industry journals (if using public transport). 
  • Gather Colleagues for a Lunch-and-Learn: Brownbag training sessions are effective ways to work in some learning while eating lunch. This can be a formal plan led by management or it can be a group of colleagues who want to expand their minds while fueling their bodies.
  • Sub TV Time for Training: In our Final Peak Events office, we’ve observed that many of the training programs out there can be connected to big screen TVs. Therefore, if someone was determined to learn, he or she could give up mindless television programs for added knowledge transfer.

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